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Ongoing Special-Purpose Acquisition Companies

From the beginning, we structure a deal with our client to eliminate risks and expenses while adding value to the deal with experienced management consultants and advisors. In this way we are partners with our clients in the success of the SPAC.

We are proud to present you Celtic Asset & Equity Partners‘ involvement in forthcoming Special-Purpose Acquisition Companies:

LENUS Acquisition Corp
Life Science – Targeted IPO: $150,000,000 at NYSE

Lenus Acquisition Corp. intends to utilize its management team’s extensive sourcing network to identify leading companies and assets in the medical and medical related industry that we believe are underperforming, and leverage their network to streamline the diligence process, and achieve a deep level of understanding of a target’s business. 

Chairperson: Tahira Rehmatullah was the chief financial officer of MTech Acquisition Corp., a special purpose acquisition company that went public on the Nasdaq Capital Market in January 2018 and completed its business combination to form Akerna Corp. in June 2019.

CEO: Dr. Ramachandran Buergi-Krishnamurthy, has over 20 years of strategic operational experience in the global healthcare industry with focus on pharmaceuticals and medical devices. 

Financial Services Acquisition Corp.
Financial Services – Targeted IPO: $100,000,000 at Nasdaq

Financial Services Acquisition Corporations acquisitions may include, but are not limited to, broker dealers, inter-broker dealers, and technologies.This SPAC intends to target FinTech and financial services businesses that have strong management teams, demonstrated organic growth, and differentiated products or services.

Chairman and CEO: Emil Assentato, was a leader for over 20 years in the inter dealer market globally, having become a board member of Tradition in Switzerland.

RAETI Banking
Financial Services – Targeted IPO: $125,000,000 at NYSE

RAETI SPAC will acquire an existing licensed and operational bank with positive cash flow to provide asset protection on a more sophisticated level. The managment team belives it could eliminate the weakness of existing banks through adressing only profitable Spheres of business and selcted customer groups. The services focus the demands of the Fintech Industry, Payment processing, Private Data- and Funds management, Blockchain and other emerging markets using Artificial Intelligence, strong encryption and biometrics.

Chairman and CEO: TBA

AQUARIUS Acquisition Corp
Renewable Energy – Targeted IPO: $300,000,000 at NYSE

It is clear that the next significant transformation in the energy transition will be based on the hydrogen economy, transforming green electrons to green molecules via water electrolysis to create green hydrogen.

We believe that the company can acquire and develop high growth technology companies and assets in the Hydrogen energy space and its supply chain.

Its Chairman Per Ragnarsson is an experienced sustainable energy executive with principal investment, corporate finance and capital markets expertise coupled with considerable transaction origination and execution track record across sustainable energy sectors over the past 13-14 years including generation, efficiency, storage, transportation fuels, hydrogen and water infrastructure.

HEIDI Smart Energy
Technology – Targeted IPO: $ 350,000,000 at NYSE
HEIDI will be a conglomerate of companies enabling smart power supply to increase the quality of life, living, safety and efficient use of energy. HEIDI’s unique differentiator is that it will control the entire energy network using Artificial Intelligence, to derive information from user behaviour. The trillions of data items produced will be managed and verified by blockchain technology. Customers will be able to use energy conveniently whilst being acutely aware of their CO2 footprint. Energy producers will be able to forecast consumer demand real time and HEIDI will become the central platform for energy allocation.
Oil & Gas – Targeted IPO: $ 150,000,000 at Nasdaq
LUPO Microbiome
Biotech – Targeted IPO: $ 150,000,000 at Nasdaq
LUPO SPAC aims to make synergistic acquisition of companies with microbiome therapeutics, diagnostics, data analytics product portfolio with an aim to create collective value in this medical field. The human microbiome is the universe of all microbiota found on or in human tissues and biofluids, along with sites on or in the body where they reside. The management includes persons who held top-positions in international biotech companies.
CYRILL Water Technology
Natural Ressources Technology – Targeted IPO: $ 250,000,000 at Nasdaq
LUPO SPAC is targeting companies along the supply chain for the water supply and in particular saving water in the agricultural use, one of the most demanding threads worldwide within the next decades. The management is shaped with experienced executives from German engineering companies.
E-Sports – Targeted IPO: $ 200,000,000 at Nasdaq
Acquiring E-Sports teams, merchandise and E-Sports leagues worldwide. The management is shaped with experienced experts from the E-Sports and E-Gaming industry as well as athletes who have a well-reputed track-reckord in management.
E-Mobility – Targeted IPO: $ 300,000,000 at NYSE
Trundholm seeks to acquire established and profitable businesses along the value chain of e-mobility. 2020 was a banner year for electric vehicle SPACs. Nikola, Fisker, Lordstown Motors, Canoo, and XL Fleet Corp were just some of the companies that went public via a reverse merger with a special-purpose acquisition company in 2020. According to BofA, over $6 billion so far has been raised so far via EV SPACs. “With this in mind, we would expect the EV SPAC boom and capital raises for newer EV companies to continue in 2021+”, they added.
REDE communications SPAC
TMT industry – Targeted IPO: $ 175,000,000 at Nasdaq
REDE SPAC has been established to acquire telecommunication service providers and network operators in South-America.

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In every Special-Purpose Acquisition Company we create, we are co-partnering together with our clients. Our success and our compensation depends on a positive execution of each SPAC: We trust in our competencies and those of our clients.